ION Electric Bicycles

Dealers Advantage Terms And Conditions

The “ Company” is known as ION Electric Bicycles and the individual or company that will be referring customers to will be known as the “Dealer”.

Commission Structure:  All our fat tire inventoried bike will be covered by this program.  Dually, Trail Scout and EZ rider.  These are our most popular models and as other models are updated they will also be included in the commission structure. 


1.  All bikes  that have a cost over $2000 will have a commission max of $400 per sale.

2.   All posted electric bikes under $2000 will have a max commission of $200

3.  Fat Tire $2,000 over bikes include EZ Rider  $2499    Trail Scout  $2999   Dually  $3999

4.   A commission of $200 will be paid on the first five (5) any combination of the above models with over a $2,000 price for sales made within the calendar month.  Sales will be accumulated over the calendar month whether there are 28, 29, 30 31 days in that month.  Calendar month is defined as from the  1st to the last day of month no matter how many day in the month.

5. The sixth sale that is made in any calendar month is very important the Dealer will get a $1400 commission on this sale.  This only occurs when the price of the electric bikes is over $2000.

6.  The seventh and all sales after will make a commission of $400 for that calendar month.  This only occurs when the price of the electric bikes are over $2000.

7.  All customers acquired by the Dealer will be for life as long as the Dealer is active. 

8.  The Dealer must keep active in order to continue getting commissions. 

9.  Definition of Active is a dealer must sell at least 1 bike every 3 months to stay active and ensure that their lifetime customer base is secure.

10. Dealer will also be responsible for their own taxes Company will issue a 1099 for any Dealer that makes over $400 per any calendar year.

11. Dealer can hire and split commission with whoever they want.   Payment of any persons working with Dealer are the sole responsibility of the Dealer.  The Company will not have any interaction with those person.  The Dealer will hold the Company harmless and indemnify the company against any losses.

12. Business cards or other promotional material whether written or online MUST be approved by the company.   Any use of unapproved promotional materials or business cards can and will be grounds for immediate dismissal from this program and forfeiture of any commissions made to that point.


The Company reserves the right to update these terms and conditions at anytime without notice.