ION Electric Bicycles

ION Affiliate Program

The ION Affiliate program has just been upgraded to the New ION "Dealer Advantage Program"

When you join the  Dealer Advantage Program you will receive from $100 per ebike sale.

NO purchase or investment required.  No experience necessary.

You will be using the most advanced "Back Office" to make it easier for you to succeed. You will get your own unique link and all you need to do is to share the link with as many places as you can and let the link work for you.  Any sales from the link will be credited to you.  With our advanced back office you will be able to track your link and get all the stats from anywhere you place it.  We are always here to assist you with the back office and ensure your success with ideas for link placement.

It's easy get your link out to all your contacts, social media, business associates, friends, neighbors and start making sales. It couldn't be any easier to get started!

THIS IS A TWO STEP PROCESS.   Create an account and after you register to the ION website click on the Dealer Advantage Program in "Your Account" area.  Fill in your information and submit.  Website is optional.  Make sure that you finish the second step.

Once done within 24 hours after receiving your request if approved you will receive a welcome email.  Make sure that you have us on your friend list or check your spam folder.

If you have any questions contact us at (702) 482-7675