ION Electric Bicycles

ION Electric Bicycles is Division of ABS ENTERPRISES.

ABS ENTERPRISES  "Established 1990"  is A DUN & BRADSTREET Registered Company.

ION Electric Bicycles is committed to the highest quality product line possible.

The newest technology, the best components, the highest capacities - we strive to make our entire line of electric / human powered hybrid bikes the best available.

  •  Top quality products
  •  Best customer service
  •  3 full year battery warranty

Our line of quality aluminum frame e-bikes - Cool!!

We make our bikes to ride. They are designed and built to be e-bikes from inception. Of all the features that make our bikes some of the best around - our cool factor is off the scale. Yeah we have the longest warranty batteries of any line. We have the best component level offered. We have the most advanced power management system. The strongest motors. Our bikes are fast and efficient. All that said, they are cool!! Fun meter is off the scale.

The company that can bring bikes like this to market has to be a forward thinking, proactive, energetic and an enthusiastic team. The ION Electric Bicycle Co. is all of those and more. We do our best because only our best is good enough for our customers.

Our Design Team's All New and Improved ION Line Rendered From the Actual Mechanical Drawings.

The ION Electirc Bicycle 2019 LIne

Contact Us:

ION Customer Service Live Operators:
Monday - Friday 10AM - 3PM Pacific Time USA,

Call: 702.482.7675

ION Electric Bicycles is a Division of ABS ENTERPRISES

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