ION Electric Bicycles

ION Electric Bicycles High Quality Features

The most important feature of every ION bike is it's base, it's foundation. That foundation is based on knowledge, experience, tenacity, freedom and the pure desire to create the ultimate, user friendly, hybrid - human powered, model line of super efficient electric bikes. We are lucky enough to have designers and planners with well over a century of shared cycling experience. Experience forged in races, epic rides, single trails, rain, snow, freezing temperatures and desert heat. Some with hundreds of thousands of miles cycled in a lifetime. That experience, that depth of wisdom, is drawn from, like a lake of knowledge. These people, this unique and priceless resource, provide us insight and direction as our company, our designs evolve. The highest quality feature of our bikes is our people.

Our bike designs start from the center and work outward. The center - the purpose - The Rider. Rider comfort and safety are the design mission. Rider positioning is the basis for all actions. We focused our attentions to a comfortable, relaxed, heads up position that gives the rider an easy vantage point of the road and surroundings. That positioning is translated into the Exclusive ION Electric Bicycles frame designs available only here. With the best geometry and sizing, the riders position is such, that the act of riding - balance and handling of the bike now become incredibly easy and comfortable. A comfortable in control rider, is a safer rider.

What makes ION the best Electric Bicycle line? Our purpose built frames. That frame designed by us right here in Southern California - USA, the land of innovation. Our designs are made for American riders, and American roads. Our frames have been specifically designed to make sure riders of all sizes, from 4'11" up to 6'8" tall and up to 350 pounds can comfortably and easily enjoy the benefits of an ION Electric Bicycle. Our purpose built frame, with low center of gravity, features battery placement under the rider. This makes our bikes ride like they have no battery at all. Balance being the main reason, an added benefit is the ability to increase battery capacity. Another added bonus of battery under the rider is a longer wheelbase. If you have ever ridden in a limousine you will appreciate the luxury ride a bike with a longer wheelbase has.

We have an awesome frame set, but comfort only starts there. The controls and contact points must be correct or even the best frame set will not live up to it's full potential. To get the full range of versatility out of our bikes we custom designed handlebars to allow a greater range of comfortable positions to fit everyone that rides. We include an adjustable heavy duty stem to add even more versatility. All of our bikes come equipped with cushion rubber hand grips and padded saddles.

Rider comfort and safety, facilitates more efficient rider power output. What?!? That's geek speak for easier pedaling. With the rider in a comfortable and efficient pedaling position, adding power from pedaling the bike is the next part of our equation. To give our riders the best advantages, we upgraded to longer crank arms for easier pedaling. Matched to a multi - gear drive system of 7 to 27 speeds, riding with the motor off isn't any different than riding a plain old bicycle.

With a state of the art frame set, well thought out components, controls, and contact points, we now add - the newest most efficient e-bike technology. E-bike technology is the addition of power from an electric motor to aid/propel the electric bicycle. ION Electric Bicycles feature our power management system. This system is in 3 parts. The  controller, the display, and the battery. All 3 parts work as one, with the rider in control of the system. The rider always has direct access to 100% of full motor output with a touch of the thumb throttle. The thumb throttle can be used at any time the bike's system is on with or without pedaling. When pedaling, ION's Intuitive Pedal Assist Systems (IPAS) programming makes the use of power from the motor easy to adjust to exactly the amount wanted. With a range of settings to minimize motor output power and prolong battery usage to settings offering the most motor output, the rider is always in control of exactly how much pedal assist is used.

We have a great bike that is very easy and comfortable to ride. It is efficient enough to get you in and out of town. Our design mission is rider comfort and safety. Time to add our safety features. Each bike is fitted with quality parts  and components designed to handle the loads of an electric bicycle. Every detail has been thought out. Right down the the gauge of the stainless steel spokes on every wheel of an ION Electric Bicycle. Tire choices, brake sizes, control placement, duty and speed rated parts are all chosen for each bike model to offer our riders the greatest safety and value. To top it off front and back lights, full fenders and a heavy duty, carry all rack are standard on all ION Electric Bicycles.

Our plan, to grow into the line of products that will eventually be the disruptive technology that can change transportation into a fun and planet friendly way from point A to B.

We believe in Freedom. Freedom to get to work fresh and stress free. Freedom from that big hill next to your house. Freedom from the last excuse you have for not exercising. Freedom to go farther and take more with you any time to any place.

No matter what level or model ION bike you choose, know with confidence, that bike was designed for the rider in you.