The Electric Bike Motor MYTH!

From time to time I look across the electric bike industry at specifications to see what other companies are offering.  I see more and more “500 watt motor PEAK Power 800 watts” “750 watt motor with PEAK Power of 1150 watts”.   I am sorry to tell you that this is just not true.  They are trying to get your business by giving you false information bigger is always better.  These companies know this specification is not true.  There are so many companies that are selling bikes now that the only advantage that a company can have is telling you that their bike has more power than their competitor.  ION does not do this as our bikes come fully loaded with all the options that you want.  We don’t need to give you false information and it is against our business ethics.

1.       You can go to any electric motor manufacturer and look at their spec sheets and NOWHERE does it state any peak power rating over the stated wattage.

2.       The electric motor manufacturers will not give any warranty to any company that puts more power to the motor than their stated specifications.

3.       Unless stated by the manufacturer a 500 watt motor is a 500 watt motor and nothing more.   A 500 watt motor will use a compatible 500 watt controller.  These controller are designed not to go over 500 watts so you cannot burn the motor out.  The motor manufacturers are not in the business of giving out free motors because you burned out your motor.  So the peak power rating is just a Myth.

4.       Taking a 750 watt motor controller and using it with a 500 watt motor would easily overheat the motor and burn it out.  You need to understand that the 500 watt, 750 watt, 1000 watt motor is built to the stated wattage standard and NOT more.  Again if a 750 watt motor had a peak power of 1150 watts they would call it a 1150 watt motor NOT a 750 watt motor.

5.       So if a company offers a 750 watt motor that has a peak power at 1150 watts than the controller would need to be able to offer the motor 1150 watts to give it that power.  In essence you would have a 1150 watt motor not a 750watt motor.  Then why doesn’t that company just say that the motor is 1150 watts not 750 watts.  That’s what we would do if the motor we offered really had that much power.

I would be very careful doing business with companies that offer “Peak Power” rates for their motors.  We DON’T do that.   When we give our speciation’s we will not give you false information about any of our products.  Be informed!